2021 Flooring Trends

Now that the New Year has come, shoppers and consumers have already seen new flooring styles cropping up. Here, we are going to explore two of these designs: epoxy and concrete designs.

Epoxy Flooring

An empty room

When it comes to epoxy flooring, certain advantages become apparent. Of these, one of the most obvious is that it is easy to clean. Seldom does any kind of mess linger on an epoxy floor, as it can be simply swept up or mopped up with barely anything getting stuck. The second advantage it gives is that it is extremely durable. It is so durable that it will sometimes be used to coat a garage floor, as it can withstand literal tonnes of weight. Even a heavily falling object would not make a dent in this type of floor. Not only is it very durable, it is also very safe. Epoxy floors are both slip and shock-resistant, and can take up to 93 degrees centigrade of heat, making it ideal for fireproof insulation. Not only are epoxy floors safe and effective, but they give off an attractive, polished sheen and can be used in almost any colour.

Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring

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While no style of the floor is inherently superior, there are some disadvantages in using epoxy as opposed to Concrete Designs. Epoxy is difficult to install. Often very time-consuming. It is easy to make mistakes, especially if part of a DIY project. The floor must be completely free of debris before installation can even begin. Any potential customer should make sure they are prepared for any type of prep work before the project can begin. The right tools must be invested in, along with making sure that a grinding machine is readily available. If a DIY project is too daunting, any good contractor can perform epoxy flooring for a good price.

Concrete Designs

A concrete patio

Like epoxy, Concrete Designs, especially polished concrete, offers a range of advantages. Among these is the fact that polished concrete never has to be waxed. A good contractor can merely grind it down, leaving it clean and shiny. Similar to epoxy, Concrete Designs are durable and perform well, and are the leading choice for most commercial facilities, along with hotels, retail outlets, and warehouses. With concrete floors, a facility can expect to be relatively low maintenance due to its superior durability. They are relatively cheap to install and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Polished concrete does not need to be stripped and waxed, so large retail stores can rest assured that no valuable time or money has to be spent cleaning or waxing those floors. And as previously mentioned with epoxy, polished concrete comes in a variety of colours. Polished concrete is also highly naturally reflective and will give off a professional look to any building. While some specific concrete cannot be polished, most can be and can be put to use in almost any type of building.

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